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A multi media performance

While the roaring and thumping timpani whisper to the loudest, the mess will be engulfed by the garbage collector.

2WASTE is a multi media performance by Aspasia Nasopoulou and Danny de Graan. It is based on a chapter of the book Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino and tells the story of two citizens of the city Leonia that live on the hidden side of the city.

A city that refashions itself every day replacing the old for the new. The squeezed or blown out remains of yesterday waiting the garbage truck.
What is the true passion of Leonia? The enjoyment of new things or the joy of discarding?

In 2WASTE, Nasopoulou & de Graan create a sonic world that re-imagine the untold side of Leonia that is hidden from public. Do we discover the nature of their strange behaviour? Where does all that waste go and what are the implications of the obsession of the citizens of Leonia?

With the aid of percussion duo reConvert project you dive in a dualistic world of the new and the old. The Fresh and the Waste.

For more details please visit the 2WASTE website

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